Website design questionnaire

What sound do we make when we want to get your attention?
Where can we send your digital love letters?
What sequence of numbers can we use when we want to hear your voice?
What is the name given to the group of people you work for?
What title have your people bestowed upon you?
If you have a website already, what address can we use to go and judge it?
Are there any websites in our portfolio that you like? If so, which ones?
What are some examples of websites you like or would like to replicate? (please paste their website URL’s)
Who are some of your top competitors? (please provide website URL's)
Who is your main demographic?
Give us a description of your ideal customer.
What are your core services?
What call-to-actions should be on the site? (ex: call, email, sign up)
What sets you apart from your competition?
What would people search for online to find you or your services?
Do you have a preference for certain colors, fonts or styles?
Who will be updating or editing pages in the site?
Would you like any special functionality in your site? (blogs, events, picture galleries, etc)
Other feedback or comments.